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Permanent, Inc.

Graham Fisher is living the dream creating custom tattoos for enthusiastic clients. He has been pushing ink since 2000 and loving every minute of it.

Whether you see tattoos in color or black and gray, Graham has the skills to accommodate. He uses more colors than a crayon box and sees black and gray better than your dog. His detailed, realistic tattoos are totally smokin', while his Japanese work is fresher than today's sushi. Large tattoos that flow with the body really get his engine revving.

When Graham takes a hot minute away from tattooing, he slaps a paint brush in hand and gets to work creating mind-bending surrealistic images. If you want to get your hands on one of his paintings, his gallery is displayed at the shop for your convenience.

Graham's attention to detail and dedication to his craft are sure to make his tattoos a classic!

Check out Graham's Portfolio to sample his work.